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04 Jun

The QuickBooks Payroll error is related to the file setup of the device. The users of the accounting software may feel worried and confused on seeing the error code 30159. It is not surprising that QuickBooks payroll errors are more common than errors in the main version of the accounting software. On seeing an error in the payroll section of the accounting software users feel a potential issue in the financial transaction. This brings up a fear of loss to the business organization.

The error code 30159 occurs in the payroll section of both desktop version and QuickBooks cloud hosting version. Users need not worry about the issues in the financial transaction on seeing the error code 30159. The error code is simply a result of improper file setup and can be resolved by correcting the setup of the file. This blog is to guide the users about the common causes, usual symptoms, and easy solution for the QuickBooks error code 30159.

Common Causes Of QuickBooks Error Code 30159

Multiple causes may lead to QuickBooks error code 30159 on the user’s device. Below is the list of such causes. The error code may be a result of one or a combination of a few of them together.

  1. The user might have tried to access a corrupt file on the device.
  2. EIN status is faulty causing issues in the working of the software.
  3. Using an outdated edition of the payroll section of the software.
  4. The configuration of the Windows file on the device is incorrect.
  5. The registration file of the device operating system may have been corrupted.
  6. Unfortunate virus attacks on the user’s device.
  7. The operating system of the device is too old and outdated.

Common Symptoms Of QuickBooks Error Code 30159

The QuickBooks payroll error code 30159 leads to a few common symptoms on the device. The user may observe only the first or a combination of more such symptoms along with the first.

  1. The screen is displayed with the message ‘QuickBooks error 30159’.
  2. The user’s device may become slow to external inputs.
  3. A few active program windows may begin to crash.

Easy Solution For QuickBooks Error Code 30159

Step-1: Open the accounting software QuickBooks.

Step-2: Go to the Payroll section.

Step-3: Select the icon ‘Use my existing Payroll service’ by clicking on it.

Step-4: The ‘Account Maintenance’ window will open on the screen.

Step-5: Select the option of ‘Add file’.

Step-6: Ensure the checkbox against EIN is marked.

Step-7: Review all the data. 

Step-8: Now close the window.

Step-9: Go back to the accounting software.

Step-10: Check if the issue is resolved.

If the error code persists in the accounting software then restart the device and recheck for error code 30159. The QuickBooks payroll error can also be resolved by updating the accounting software to the latest version. Moreover, using the latest version escapes other such error codes also. Hence QuickBooks cloud hosting and Desktop edition or any other version should be regularly updated by the user. 

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