Quickbooks cloud hosting
29 May

The accounting software QuickBooks is suitable for both small as well as medium-sized enterprises. One can easily acquire accounting software through online purchases. There are multiple versions of the accounting software QuickBooks available for the users. The most popular ones include Enterprise, Payroll, etc. Each of them is available on the Cloud hosting and desktop version. Choosing the desktop version or the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting version has its share of benefits. While the desktop version is suitable for small and simple enterprises the medium-sized enterprises can invest in the Cloud hosting version to suit a high number of users. New users can also consult with the team of QuickBooks Customer Care for a well informed and researched decision. Let us look at the difference of benefits offered to the customers on availing either of the two services.

Accessibility of the software

Easy accessibility plays a vital role in the selection of the accounting software. Every user wants to access the software with great ease and comfort so that the work is not hindered due to the unavailability of files or documents. While the QuickBooks Online edition is accessible through the web browser the hosting version can be accessed via clicking over the desktop icon. Thus, it can be concluded that both versions are easily accessible to users.

Customer Care

The bitter truth about the accounting software is that it is prone to technical glitches errors and issues. Sometimes the error codes also make the device sluggish. This causes frustration among the users of the accounting software. Though most of the error codes can be resolved by a few steps of implementation it may cause loss of time and resources to the user. Hence the availability of the QuickBooks Customer Care team plays a significant role in such a scenario. For the online version of the accounting software, the team of customer care is available for a fixed period. While for the QuickBooks hosting edition the third-party solution provider is always available to the users.

Cost of the Plan

The accounting software QuickBooks comes under a fixed price for the online edition while for the hosting version the scalability of various plans is available to the users. This plays a significant role for the users of the accounting software. Different business organizations need different features of accounting software. Users can scale the plane to choose only those features meaningful to them instead of investing in those rendered meaningless to them. 

Overall QuickBooks Cloud Hosting version has some interesting features making it more attractive to the users. However, QuickBooks Desktop is also a nice option for one to go for. The Desktop version will be useful for a small business organization with a limited number of users. The number of users can be up to 25 on the QuickBooks desktop and unlimited for the QuickBooks Hosting. To learn more about the features of the two services simply connect with the QuickBooks Customer Care team. The team is available for round the clock services to the users.

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