QuickBooks is one of the most used online accounting softwares. Due to its ease in operating and a host of features QuickBooks has become a favourite among the enterprises to meet its accounting demands. Additionally, quickbooks hosted on cloud has taken a lead also. QuickBooks Cloud hosting has become not only a fad in accounting but also a convenient option for all the people who want to host their accounts on the cloud.

QuickBooks cloud hosting lets you access the accounting software from the servers itself. The data is also stored on the cloud along with the software itself. This makes it possible for the enterprise to free up space on their local computers for other important things. Moreover, the staff and the investment required for the maintenance and the purchase of the hardware also reduces. Hence, a lot of resources are saved for the enterprise. On the other hand, the investment on QuickBooks and the cloud space rented by the enterprise is much lower. So the overall ROI (return on Investment) is much higher if you host your accounting on QuickBooks Cloud.

The server might be dedicated servers or they might be shared servers. The difference between both kinds of servers is mainly the speed at which you can work. In dedicated servers the bandwidth, storage and memory is not shared with any other companies. This allows you a higher speed for your application and storage. However, the cost of these servers is higher than the non-dedicated servers. If you do not want to spend extra on speed than it would be rational for you to go for non-dedicated servers.

There are numerous benefits of Accounting on QuickBooks. If QuickBooks is combined with the facility of cloud computing then the enterprise will be able to avail the best of both applications. The benefits of QuickBooks Cloud hosting can be described as follows:

Automatic Backups

The QuickBooks Cloud Hosting allows the data to be backed up automatically at regular times so that the data is not lost. These backups are automatic so you do not have to worry about reminding yourself to backup the data. Also, you can recover the data anytime. Most service providers also have secondary backups to ensure your data is never lost.

Security and Accessibility

The security of the data in QuickBooks Cloud hosting is highly important and most service providers helps you to secure the data in facilities that are highly protected. The transfer of data is also done in an encrypted atmosphere to protect your data.

Additionally, you can gain access to your data anytime. This is highly important as you do not want to be stranded when you need your data.

Payroll management

The management of payroll is made a lot easier in QuickBooks Cloud Accounting. The data of thousands of employees can be managed on QuickBooks Payroll. The number of hours employees have worked, the rate per hour and all the other details like the allowances are maintained on QuickBooks payroll system very easily. You can charge the clients as per the resources used in their service.

Efficient management of finances

QuickBooks is a program which has evolved over time and with the evolution, QuickBooks has made it possible for a business to efficiently manage its finances by helping the businessman to know where does the business actually stand and what are the prospects of business by forecasting its finances. The inventory, bank loans, debtors and creditors can be reported and forecasted to know the future financial needs of the business. QuickBooks helps the businessman to do all these functions easily.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Support

This is the best feature of QuickBooks Cloud hosting. You can get help anytime, anywhere.QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Support is available online, through phone and you can also chat to get the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Support. You can ask for any of your accounting information and after you have passed the authentication, you will get your information. Additionally, if you are stuck anywhere while using the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting you can get help and can resolve the issue.

Affordable Pricing

QuickBooks Cloud hosting is highly affordable than the cost of buying an accounting program and hosting it and the data in in-house computers. Most of the service providers have different plans for different types of services. You can select the plan which applies to you the most. Many service providers also give you the plan to pay-as-you-go services. That way you do not have to pay for the extra services.

Remote access

The main benefit of QuickBooks Cloud hosting is the remote access. You can access your accounts from any place in the world at any time. Also, you can make changes to the accounts and generate reports from anywhere at anytime. This makes not only you but also you desktop highly mobile.

Lower Hardware requirement

When QuickBooks is hosted on a cloud, the enterprise does not have to worry about the new hardware to be installed and maintained in the premises. This not only save the money invested on hardware but also on the salary of the staff to maintain that hardware. This also saves a lot of space in the office which can be used by the enterprise in other purposes

Accounts merging

You can also merge and consolidate your accounts from different cost centres or profit centres through QuickBooks. You can look at your accounts separately as well as combined. This is the feature of QuickBooks cloud that is highly useful to bigger enterprises.

Different versions of QuickBooks

Intuit has come up with many programs for QuickBooks in accordance with your requirements. If you are in a single user environment with less number of employees then you should go for a QuickBooks Self employed accounting. In case you are a huge enterprise then you should go for QuickBooks Enterprise version. This lets you account for different branches or profit centres. Below mentioned are some of the different versions of QuickBooks that are available on cloud:

  • QuickBooks Online Advanced
  • QuickBooks Payroll
  • QuickBooks Self Employed
  • QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping
  • QuickBooks Desktop for Mac
  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro
  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier
  • Medium-sized Business
  • QuickBooks Point-of-sale

After considering the benefits of QuickBooks Cloud hosting you might want to switch to QuickBooks Cloud as soon as possible. However, there are some issues you might want to consider before switching over to QuickBooks Cloud. The issues one might face while QuickBooks Cloud Hosting are as follows:

Be specific on which program you want

It would be very difficult for a first time user to decide which program to choose when transferring to QuickBooks Cloud. Intuit itself offers a number of options in QuickBooks for example QuickBooks payroll, QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks online, etc. All these programs are offered by the company hosting QuickBooks. It is on you to decide which one you need. If you are an enterprise with multiple offices then you might want to go for QuickBooks Enterprise. However, if you have thousands of employees you might want a program dedicated to the payroll which is QuickBooks payroll. Once you select which QuickBooks program you want you can go forward in the application of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting.

Number of users in your enterprise

All the enterprises have different number of users working on an accounting program. You should be able to determine in advance how many people will be working simultaneously on QuickBooks Cloud at a given point of time. The number of users will affect the QuickBooks program you select as well as the plan of the cloud service provider you select.

Enhance your knowledge

If you are not thorough with your accounting skills then you can take help. QuickBooks offers its users many ways to gain knowledge. There are online training provided by QuickBooks Cloud hosting software. Online webinars are also conducted to enhance your knowledge about the use of QuickBooks accounting. You can also apply for Advanced Certification Training if you want to master the QuickBooks.

The issues you might face are not very complex as compared to the benefits you will get from investing in QuickBooks Cloud hosting. You can get support from your service provider as well as from the QuickBooks Support online. So go ahead and host your accounts on QuickBooks Cloud Hosting. With the right amount of effort and resources, you can take your accounting and data storage to the next level.

Decide how much cloud space you want

A first time user will always face a dilemma as to how much space should he rent on a cloud. In this dilemma many users tend to rent much more space than they actually need which makes the hosting pricer without need. In some cases the user will select a space which is much less than he actually need and they will wind up saving money but actually getting much less than required space. In all such cases, users should keep in mind that scaling is the biggest feature of Cloud hosting and the space can be upscaled or down scaled as per the requirement. Hence, the user should select optimum space considering his present and future requirements.

Users knowledge.

Once you have negotiated your plans with the QuickBooks Cloud Host, you will want all your employees who will be working on the program to learn about the program. They should be trained thoroughly about how to use the program. They should be made aware of the changes they might have to make in the style of their work after the migration of accounts to QuickBooks Cloud. Any queries they have should be answered in detail and with conviction. The knowledge of the people who are actually going to work on the program is highly important.


The security of your accounts is utmost important. You have to ensure that the company who is hosting QuickBooks Cloud for you is completely reliable and the accounts of your enterprise are secure under their watch. Ask questions and make sure you are selecting the right cloud service provider. Also, make sure you will get all the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Support you need in future too from your service provider.

Plan ahead

You should plan ahead for any contingencies you might face when you migrate your accounts to QuickBooks Cloud hosting. Confirm with your service provider what you would need in advance. Secondly, be prepared for the migration time. Let your in house experts be present while you are migrating so that there are least problems. The time and effort spent on effective migration will benefit you in future.

Communicating with Cloud service provider

Communication is the key to any problem. You should choose a cloud service provider who is ready to explain you what services are offered by them vis-a-vis which services do you need. First, you should be clear in your requirements as an enterprise as to which program you need and how much space you would need in the near future. Secondly, you should consider what kinds of plans are being offered by the cloud service provider to you. You should select a cloud service provider who is willing to explain in detail all their services. Additionally, you might also need help after buying a plan. You should be able to get QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Support from your service provider very easily.

IT infrastructure requirements

Before the actual migration, you will have to look into your IT infrastructure. There are minimum requirements that you need for QuickBooks Cloud. If you do not have them, then you should consider investing in them. One of the most important IT requirements is internet connectivity. If your internet is slow or you are facing frequent downtimes then investing in QuickBooks Cloud will not be effective. You should first check and upgrade your internet connectivity in order to gain most from QuickBooks Cloud Hosting. You should also have backup generators to ensure your constant connectivity to the internet. You should be able to follow up this issue before the QuickBooks migration process starts.

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