June 26, 2020
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How To Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Not Withholding Taxes

If you are looking forward to resolving the issue of QuickBooks Payroll failing to withhold taxes then you have come to the right blog. This blog is to guide the users towards the easy step of resolving the issue of QuickBooks Payroll failing to withhold taxes. An instant solution to this issue is also available at QuickBooks online customer service. You can contact QuickBooks service team via calls, live chats, and emails. The first course of action on facing this issue is to ensure that the payroll subscription is active. 

Steps To Check Whether The Payroll Subscription Is Active

Step-1: Open the accounting software ‘QuickBooks’

Step-2: Go to the section of ‘Payroll’.

Step-3: This will open a new page.

Step-4: Click on the tab of Employees.

Step-5: This will open a pop-up menu.

Step-6: Find & select the option of ‘My Payroll Service’

Step-7: Go to the section of ‘Account/Billing Information’.

Here you will find the status of Payroll subscription. If the subscription is expired then obviously you will need to renew your subscription to resolve the issue. However, if the subscription is not expired then you are simply suffering from the incomplete or partial installation of Payroll update. Contact QuickBooks help team via call for an instant solution

When the software tries to download payroll update and fails to do so completely then this issue occurs on the software. It is more commonly observed when the user leaves a payroll activity in between and resumes it after some time. This is because in between a part of the update gets processed while the user my resume before the update process gets complete. Avail help from the QuickBooks online customer service team instantly.

Steps To Resolve The Issue of Payroll Not Withholding Taxes

Step-1: Go to the check having issues. 

Step-2: Set the number of work hours to one.

Step-3: Save the check on the software.

Step-4: Now, open the check register.

Step-5: Mark the check as void.

Step-6: Now, close the accounting software.

Step-7: Ensure the device is connected with a well-secured internet connection.

Step-8: After a few hours open the accounting software.

Step-9: Create a new check for the concerned employee.

You are supposed to wait for a few hours as it will allow the software to complete the update of the Payroll section. Alternatively, the skilled team of QuickBooks online customer service is available to resolve your issue. Simply dial the helpline number to contact QuickBooks service team instantly.

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